Fall/winter Justice of the Peace Wedding ceremony attire?

  • March 6, 2009 at 6:57 pm

What should I (the bride) wear for our intimate ceremony. We will have a family wedding in May 09. We will get married this fall or winter just the two of us. I need ideas as to what I should wear. I want to dress up at least a little. Thanks for your input.

A pretty suit in a Fall color. Like this one:


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  1. Em M

    Depending on what time of day you will be getting married, you should choose something that you are comfortable with. I think that suits (especially cream) can look quite matronly. If I were you, I’d get married in the late afternoon and find a beautiful cocktail dress that you love (you could go with white/cream I guess, although I’d go with my favorite color or a metallic like silver). Then you and your hubby can go out to drinks and dinner afterwards and celebrate!!!
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  2. SChi25

    That’s completely up to you. Personally, what I would do in your situation is buy a knee-length white dress and wear some killer shoes in a bright color like red or pink.

    You could search department stores for white or ivory dresses to save money. But if you want the “bride” experience, many stores these days (David’s Bridal having a big selection) carry short wedding dresses.

    Get a small, tasteful bouquet and do hire someone to take pictures. You’ll want the memories saved on film.

    It will be great. Congratulations!

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  3. Avis B

    Your wedding day should be a very special day in your life and that is why I am both saddened and surprised at what some people wear on their wedding day.

    I have seen everything from camoflauge pants and hunting boots to bib overalls to absolutely beautfiul gowns.

    I sometimes wonder what these Brides and Grooms will say when they look at their photographs twenty years from now.

    As the Bride, YOU should wear a “dressy” dress or cocktail dress or suit. The Groom should wear a dark suit. And yes, it is very appropriate to carry a small bouquet.

    When YOU look great, YOU feel great!

    Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant

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